Skydive in Silhouette

Over the years, I have assembled a few articles from different sources that might be of interest to visitors to this site. They are listed here... 
(Contributions welcome, but not everything contributed will necessarily be posted...)


(by Jim)
Commentary on Parachute Age Limits
Buying Used Emergency Parachutes
Pilot Emergency Parachute Systems Utilizing Ram-Air Canopies (2 articles)
(From other sources)
Riggers Pledge
Who Packed Your Parachute?
Flag Folding Symbolism
Newspaper Clippings:
POW/MIA Event at Culpeper, VA  23 March, 2004

Ramblings (thoughts of a reluctant skydiver):

How far is 2 miles?
Memories of Mike
Ready, Set, GO!!!
Trust Me!

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