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Parachute Rigging, Service, and Equipment  Sales

    As an FAA certified SR Parachute Rigger, I can service your parachute whether for sport jumping or emergency pilot use.  This service includes not only the FAA mandatory 120 day inspection and repack, but instruction in its correct use and consultation in equipment selection.

Demonstration Skydive Coordination

    Excite and thrill the guests at your next outdoor function by including a professional team of skydivers.  We work with you to handle all the arrangements to ensure a safe and spectacular show.

Tandem Skydiving Instruction (formerly)

    As a Tandem Instructor, licensed by both USPA and Strong Enterprises, I have enjoyed sharing the experience of skydiving with first jump students.  At this time I am no longer taking Tandem students as I am pursuing other interestes. I do wish to thank all those who enjoyed the thrill with me including my father and brother-in-law.

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