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Buying Used Parachutes

On Buying Used Emergency Parachutes


    Certainly when buying used gear I would strongly consider the gear's age.  When considering a rig that has passed muster with a your rigger (see below) I would recommend the following formula as a general guide-line:

       Less than 2-3 years old:
               (“Consider” Price) = (New Price)- 10%*(new price)*(age in years)

       More than 3-5 years old:
               (“Not more than” Price)=(New Price)-5%*(new price)*(age in years)



    Before you strike a deal, make sure that the sale is contingent upon your rigger’s approval of the system, and recommendation.

    Remember that even if the system comes “just inspected and ready to use,” you will need to have it inspected and repacked within the next 120 days. Four months after the sale is not the time to discover that there is a problem with the system.

    One of the services I provide is a pre-purchase inspection report. I have also provided a payment intermediary service when the buyer and seller do not know each other. It goes like this:

    • Buyer and Seller agree upon the terms of the sale, which typically contingent on the system condition.
    • Seller sends me the parachute system for inspection.
    • Buyer sends me a check for the sales amount, made payable to the seller.
    • One of the parties (usually the buyer) sends me a check to pay for the inspection report.
    • I inspect and repack the system (if airworthy), and provide a condition report to both buyer and seller.
    • Upon review of the condition report, the buyer and seller inform me as to whether they wish me to send the system and check on or returned to cancel the sale as they deem appropriate.
    • This provides both parties an unbiased condition report and evaluation, and in the case where they do not know one another, provides an impartial inintermediary who can hold payment during the inspection.


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