Skydive in Silhouette
Ready, Set, GO!!!

Ready, Set, GO!!!

 For almost 10 years, Jim Wine of Pulsecom’s Network Support department has been falling out of the sky every chance he gets. First enticed to the air by a college friend, Jim made his first jump in 1990 by way of the “static-line” instructional method. He says  his goal was to “prove to myself that if I had to I could get out of a plane and pull a ripcord.” After his first jump he was hooked, signing up for his second jump within minutes of landing from his first. 

 Since then Jim has made over 700 jumps. In that time he has obtained his “expert” skydiver license, professional demonstration jumper certification, Tandem Instructor license, and FAA Senior Parachute Rigger license.  An independent demonstration jump coordinator for functions around the area, Jim has also been invited to demonstration jumps with senior USPA (United States Parachuting Assoc.) members, and was the sole civilian on a local July 4th demonstration jump made by members of the US Army Golden Knight parachute team. He has also been named “Skydiving Coordinator” for the Flying Circus Airshow in Bealeton, VA, a barnstorming airshow performing Sundays May through October where he has performed for the last six years. 

 Recently, several employees and contractors of Pulsecom have joined Jim in the Virginia skies. Jumping from a plane at over 2 miles (10,000 – 14,000 feet) the students are strapped in a parachute harness built for two. Falling free for about a minute before the ripcord is pulled, the pair reaches speeds of 120-200mph.  After the ripcord is pulled and main canopy deploys, a 5-10 minute ride gives a great view from the Shenandoah Mountains to the Potomac River. This jump of a lifetime has recently been made by several Pulsecom employees (and contractors).

Originally written for Pulsecom’s internal newsletter.
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