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At the Parachute Industry Association’s 2005 Symposium, I had the honor to present two rigging seminars dealing with emergency parachute systems equipped with ram-air style canopies. Below you will find links to the notes of both presentations.

  • Ram-Air Equipped Pilot Emergency Parachute Systems – a discussion
    (Powerpoint Slideshow, ~4.9mb, updated 16-Jan-05)
    This is the slideshow that accompanied my presentation discussing the option of having a ram-air canopy in an emergency parachute system. It is for anyone (salesman, rigger, pilot, or skydiver) who is thinking of having such a system, and is intended to introduce the viewer to the wide range of issues and considerations when selecting this type of system.
  • Packing the Ram-Air Equipped Softie Pilot Emergency Parachute System – tips & tricks
    (pdf, ~3.3mb, updated 16-Jan-05)
    This document is my personal tips on packing the Softie with a ram-air parachute, and is intented to aide the parachute rigger who is asked to service such a system.  While the manufacturer has reviewed and approved the techniques presented here, it is not a replacement for the manufacture’s manual.

Note: These are not the same version as distributed at the 2005 symposium.  The copies here have been and will continue to be revised as additional relevant information is obtained, and as time permits.

CAUTION: The reader is cautioned that the use of parachutes, even in an emergency, can cause injury and/or death. Training from a qualified instructor and jump experience can minimize, but will not eliminate the risks. To quote one manufacturer: “there is no such thing as a perfect airplane, perfect parachute, perfect instructor, or for that matter perfect student.”

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