Skydive in Silhouette
Private Pilot

After many years learning how to fall out of the planes, I finally decided I better learn how to stay in... you know... in case the door ever suddenly stays closed!! 

On January 17th my instructor Roger Coffman, in what can only be a rare laps of judgement for him, let me fly solo from the Manassas Airport in a Diamond Katana DA-20 by the tail number of N228NH. 

Four months later to the day, in a second unlikely laps of judgement, an FAA designated examiner, lets call him “Andy,” signed me off as a licensed pilot.  Again from Manassas, the examination flight was also in a Katana. This time in NH’s sister ship of N40SE.

After a successful checkride, it is of course proper to take those who supported you through the process. While there we MANY well wishers who encouraged me, my primarily support was from my wife Cathy and Sam (study partner and annoying photographer).  It is the later who gets credit for all photos on this page. (Images are clickable. Full set can be downloaded here.)

Jim Calls for a weather briefing
Checking the Fuel
Me Pilot
Insturment Panel
Cathy explains about the exits
Engine Start
Taxi out
Jim Takes Off with Cathy
Thanks for not wrecking the plane with me in it...
Sam and his pilot
Jim Flies the Plane
Sam Looks for Lunch
Turning Final
On Final
Wine's get dinner

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